Sokoloan; In as much as I do not like to many loan apps, I will be makin an exception to this professional loan App called the Sokoloan.

Sokoloan is a professional loan app in Nigeria and it is among the best loan providers in the country as far as our analysis is concerned and we wish to prove this with further points.

We understand the urgent need for money in people these days and in which case you may not have the current amount on hand or may need a little cash to complete the one you have earlier, and this is where the Loan apps come into play very well.

Getting a loan from Sokoloan is quite easy and simpler than many other loan providers where getting a loan seems impossible just like the earlier discussed loan App.

Brace yourself, we will just in a few minutes explain to you why you should need Sokoloan other than many of its counterparts while considering borrowing online.

Sokoloan Review?

Sokoloan App can be said to be available on Google play store and Apple store for iOS devices but it is highly unavailable for windows devices.

With over one million downloads, Sokoloan prides itself one of the best loan apps in Nigeria and this only shows how satisfied their users seem to be using their services.


I trust these reviews didn’t just get there by mistake.

Now lets dive in deeper to get you to know how to get funds from the Sokoloan.

The process is just almost the same with what every other loan app will ask you to do which is…

  1. Go to Google play store
  2. Download the Sokoloan App
  3. Open the app or launch the app and then…
  4. Fill up all the details required of you and even personal details like the BVN
  5. You will get the desired loan if you qualify for it.

Now here is a secret: If you plan to take more loans in the future, you must try to return the loan collected in time so 9t will give you a good credit to be given a loan again when you asked.

If you do not return your loan in time, you may have a problem relating to not being able to get a loan again next time you asked for one.

Earlier I mentioned there are things you need to provide to be able to be given a loan by Sokoloan and which includes…

Requirements for Sokoloan Loan approval

  1. You will need a valid means of identification either a voters card or a national ID card
  2. Your BVN

Nothing else, now you may have heard this doesn’t require a collateral but it does, all these documents they ask you to bring must be brought and they are the collateral needed.

So don’t be fooled

Again, Sokoloan offers a very good interest rate on Loans and this is why most people have preferred to use them for their loans against their competitors and this is onw of the major reason they have too many customers.

Sokoloan Loan Interest Rates

Sokoloan has a very fair interest rate which ranges from 4.5% to 35% which is considered by many to be better than what they get from other loan providers.

Sokoloan Loan repayment day

Once your loan is due, you will get a reminder to know that this is about time you re-payed your loan but a good loan collector knows better than not paying their loans in time as this is a very bad flag and will stop them from giving you loans if you delayed your payment time.

Repayment of loans cannot be rescheduled so you are advised to repay your loans in time.

Must do before taking loans from Sokoloan

Read their terms and conditions and this is one thing Nigerians don’t do at all and it is bad

Read their privacy policy to know how safe your info is with Sokoloan

And make sure to Avoid…

Owing Sokoloan beyond the scheduled time for repayment.

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