How to promote your business Locally and Internationally in Nigeria.

Business today is a household name globally. In the cities, towns and villages everyone talks of business. There are uncountable numbers of small and well established businesses out there. Despite the high level of competition in the business world, many are planning on how to venture into it and make profits.

Starting a business is not as difficult as staying in business. An uncountable number of organizations are no more in existence. Numerous that began couple of days, months or years back are wilding up. With all these, some are considering starting their own business.

So with the numerous numbers of businesses out there, how do promote yours and made it number one? That’s the most difficult and very important question to ask and answer before venturing in to any business.

No matter the size of the business big or small, there is need for promotion. Because it is only through promotion the business is made known to the general public.

Today’s article will look into how to promote your business and made your business the best through promotion. The article will also focus on ways, how and when to promote your business.

But before I proceed with the write up, let us take a brief look at what business is:

Definition of business

business is defined as any commitment or exercises render directly or indirectly, and consequently brings benefits. The exercises might be purchasing and selling of products and services. It might be creation of crude materials use for making other products. It might be services rendered for the development and advancement of others.

With the definition of business, let’s get started on how to promote your business in this age full of technologies and business competitions.

How to promote your business

1. Start a facebook business page

The internet based life stage called Facebook is today clearly one of the best if not the online informal communication network which almost everyone is using. Facebook as over 2.27 million visitors for every month consistently on record. This means 33% of the total individuals are utilizing Facebook as their social media platform.

Facebook is a social media system that bring people of different race, languages, culture, ideas, age, countries, sexual direction, etc together. It connect all together as one great family, despite the individuals differences.

With all the aforementioned advantages of Facebook, it’s highly essential for you to open one and create a Facebook business page to promote your business and present your products or services to the general public as number one.

Creating a Facebook business Page will help your business a lot.

1. It will introduce you our business to Potential customers.

With the high level of competition in the business world, you need you business to be introduced to the potential customers or clients globally without any restriction to location, population, tribes, languages, gender etc with low or no costs as the case may be. Facebook business page adverse your business to new customers.

2. It lower Your advertisements Expenses

It cost you little or nothing to start a Facebook business page. You may have to spend little if you look for expert assistance in creating a professional one if you lack the ability of doing it by yourself.

My point is that opening the page costs you nothing until you start paying for advertisements (ads) to get page likes, boosting posts….. all of which you ought to do with your page to increase you chance of getting your business to more potential customers.

The page promotion are not expensive when compared to TV and radio advertisements.

Now your business is good to go. Start and keep advertising you goods and services to potential new and old customers any day any time.

3. Reach a Targeted Clients

Facebook page will help you reach more targeted audience. With the high numbers of Facebook users globally, it is each and cheap to reach more targeted customers who are interested in you goods and services.

2* Use events

The question on every serious business owner’s mind (big or small) is how to promote their business (goods and services) and gain more exposure.

Regardless of the size of your promoting spending plan, it takes a great deal of time, exertion, and inventiveness to get new clients. Fortunately, you can take advantage of both big and small events to build momentum.

Promoting your business in your community to the community members is the best way In the event that your greatest challenge is getting new customers to your business, occasions, for example, fairs, celebrations, and gatherings have a ton to offer. Get a rundown of occasions your clients visit, and grasp the opportunity to elevate your image (business) eye to eye.

As a business owner you can organize event of your own targeted at promoting you business. You can equally scout or look for great events that can add value to your business.

*As a business owner you can us street party to promote your business. You can host a street party whereby use the occasion to create awareness and inform people about your goods and services.

* You can Organise a performance to create awareness and promote your brands. In this case, you don’t necessarily need to stage the performance in the hall. All you need to do is to stage a walking performance.

Arrange it in such away the audience will get to follow the display around town. Have your actors perform or act scenes or interact with the audience one-on-one or group in-,between stops, involving them as pert of the display.

Use the seasons to your advantage to entice people to love your business.

3.Organise and sponsor a public quiz
Another way to promote your brands is to self organise or sponsor a organised one in the name of your business. Through this people get to know your goods and services faster.

If business owner manage you manage to organise it and give out quality incentives to the participants, the business will spread like flame of fire everywhere.

4. Promo
Promo is also one of the most effective ways of promoting business. A promo is a form of commercial advertising used in broadcast media, either television or radio, which promotes a program airing on a television or radio station/network to the viewing or listening audience. Wikipedia

5. Send messages
Collect customers information and message them of your new development in your business. Appreciation massages can be send to customers, appreciating them for their patronage.

6.Trade Fair shows
Make use of trade fair shows to promote your business to the general public. A trade fair (trade show, trade exhibition, or expo) is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities. Wikipedia

7. Pay For Advertising
A number of the techniques gave in this article help to assemble a client base after some time, yet one of the best approaches to get fast and predictable exposure is to pay for publicizing.

Paid publicizing requires some ability to get right and some experimentation to locate the correct channel. This is one of the more typical advancement exercises that business re-appropriate to organizations.

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