Starting a business with less than $100 is possible. Are you thinking of starting a business but facing financial difficulties? Are you jobless and looking for how to earn a living? Do have a dream of becoming your own boss as the CEO? Are you currently financially handicap and will like to be financially independent? If your answers to these questions are yes, then, you’re in the right place.

This article will help you identify some lucrative businesses you can start with less than $100. It will also guide you with step by step strategies of starting the business. My advice for you is not to jump or skip any part of this article for any reason(s)

Let get started

Business today is a household name globally. Everybody talks about it, everyone wants to start one business or another.

Many who are thinking of starting their own business, believed they millions of dollars to get started. Meanwhile, there are a a lot of small businesses out there that can be set up with less than $100 and make great profits.

Are you one of those people with the belief that it takes millions of dollars to start a business? Let me tell you this, large numbers of big businesses and famous companies across the world started with little money. Many of them are now the powerhouse when it comes to investments.

You can also start your own business today, right now with the little you have. With as little as $100, you can become the CEO and one of the leading entrepreneurs in the nearest future.

So let take a look at those small businesses you can start with that little amount you have.

Top 10 lucrative business you can start with less than $100

I know the question you might be asking yourself now is, are there any genuine business out there to start with less than $100? My answer to that your thought is yes and yes. There are uncountable numbers of small businesses to start with that little amount. The following are the businesses:


As of today, one of the lucrative business to start with little money is laundry business. Laundry refers to the washing of clothing and other textiles.

Laundering service demands are increasing day by day. Many people today have no time for laundering due to their nature of job or tight schedules. Despite all this, they still want to look good and smart in a welk-ironed clothes.

Laundry business requires small capital to start with. You can start with less than $100. I could remember a friend of my James, who was fired from his job in 2014.

He was down thinking of how to survive with a wife and his little son. But a long time ago, he had Washed a movie of how a young poor homeless lady started laundering business.

The young lady would go round the street collecting clothes from one house to another. And the movie showed that the young lady made it through the project.

My friend got motivated and started offering laundering services to people around him with little capital. Today James laundry service of 2014 is now a big laundry business with 17 employees in Lagos Nigeria.

Laundry does not require very complex skills to start. You can just acquire little training of one month, which can be easily learned through apprenticeship.

So what are you waiting for? The best time to start is now. So get started and be your own boss.


Another lucrative business to start with less than $100 is the after-school tutoring service. With many parents out there searching for someone to tutor their children after school and during holidays. They need these tutor masters to help improve their academic performance.

With the increase numbers of students in the classroom, which limits the level of teachers concentration on average, or below average students.

Not only these, some parents don’t have time to teach or put their children through in the assignment been given to them. So, their is need for such patients to hire tutorial Masters to help their children.

Some children are far below average find it difficult to learn at the same level with their fellow classmates. All this always necessitate looking for a tutorial master who will take time to revisit the topics learnt in school.

Some people who rendered tutorial services today are even earning more than the full time teachers employed in some cases.

To get started, all you need to do is to inform people around you telling that, you’re offering the service after school coaching and start little by little.

You can start in your house using your sitting room or anywhere in your house. What of offering home services? Going from house to house at appointed time to teach.

Remember the services you render to people, either quality or quantity will determine your earning. If you render good quality service to people, they refer more people to you and I return, you will earn more money. You must also know how to charge your clients appropriately and charge moderately.

So what are you waiting for? The best time to start is now. Best of luck.


Cleaning service is also one of the lucrative small businesses to start with less than $100. Their many people today looking for people who will help them in keeping their home clean while investing their time on something else. Many are too busy for general home cleaning and still want to maintain cleanliness.

This people or organizations are everywhere and are always ready to to engage others and pay them for the cleaning service.

Do you know you can make a lot of money from cleaning people’s home, offices, etc? Are you aware some are millionaire through it?

I read presently of a woman called Carrie H. Johnson. A creative and leading entrepreneur in cleaning service, business as grown to a multimillion dollars Worth. Carrie is a passionate single mother of three and failed relationships desperately looking for a way to survive without the help of government.

Her determination to live a life out of government assistance lead her to start cleaning service business. The business which as grew to a multimillion dollars worth of business. Sparkle cleaning is now a very large business with over 160 employees. Carrie H. Johnson is today financially independent.

This is a business you can start using the equipment you make use at home. As time goes on you invest your profits in more advance equipments and grow your business.


There are numbers of social medias out there to capitalize on and make money by simply manage someone account or business, including organizations, profitable and non-profitable. Many important personnel are looking for expert to help them manage their accounts on social medias. Some of the social medias are Facebook, tweeter, pintress…………….

Politicians, business men and women, profitable and non-profitable organizations, societal personalities who are been celebrated by many, are out there looking for social media manager.

My question for you my read is: how much do you think it will cost you to be a social media manager? OK, let me tell you, it cost you little or nothing. Ho! Do you see yourself as incompetent of the task of managing peoples social media accounts? You don’t need to worry.

With everything been made easy today in our generation. All you need to do is create some for personal training and improvement. The video here will help you and teach you all you need to know on how to become an effective social media manager.


Are you a creative person when it comes to planning and organization of events? Are you a fast thinking individual who can assist clients in devising the right strategy to deliver a holistic event experience?

Can you help people or organizations arrange programs that address their purpose? Do you think you have the ability and skills to o plan and ensure a successful event?

If your answer to this questions is yes, then event planner is a business for you.

Event planners are the heart of any event due to the responsibilities carry in ensuring a smooth and successful event. They are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring a well planned and arranged events.

Event planner works hand in hand with clients in creating programs that address their impression or purpose.

Before you take decision on becoming an event planner, there are things you most understand:

Event planners are not party managers. They are to focus on the fundamental reasons for an event and how to accomplish it. Their major assignment is to provide details that will lead to the event success.

Event planners spend most of their time in office planning and brainstorming. Since most of their works have to do with creative thinking and ensuring result. But you as a starter can make use of your home as your own office.

With just $100 in you account, you can start and become a successful event planner.

You maybe asking yourself how? What are the steps to take? How do I start? Where do I start? Good questions.

Also you maybe thinking, how? Do I have a chance to be successful in the business? Can I learn it from someone and become a professional? Can I really get started with just $200? The answer to all this questions is YES.

All you need to do now and get started is to start informing people. Informing people about what? Start telling friends and everyone around you, that you’re an event planner. From the $100 you have, pend out of it on business card to start with.


Child care business also known as day care is another lucrative business to start with just $100. Opening and managing a child care business is one of the best way to earn a living.

Do you naturally love taking care of children? Do enjoys playing with children and having them around you? Does spending quality time with with children gives you joy and happiness?

If you answer is yes to the above questions, congratulations, opening and operating a daycare business is lucrative business for you to start and make cool money.

It has been said by U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, that daycare businesses will experience fastest employment growth out of all industries through years 2020.

This means the demand for daycare services is increasing day-by-day. With the high demand for daycare services, you stand a great chance of making money.

Starting a childcare business with the with what you have right now is possible. All you need to do is to Skip a lot of steps like renting a big centre, buying expensive equipments etc.

You can start a childcare business in your own house and make money.

What to do before starting a daycare business

There are steps to be taking before starting a childcare business. Gather some valuable and useful informations before you start. Don’t just start without necessary informations like:

*knowing the existing services around you
*Investigate how the operate
*Their charges
*The enrollment age
*Know the basic equipments needed etc.

Gathering this informations will aid your decision making when starting your own childcare business.

Operating a child care business requires loving to work with children, and the ability to play with them and make them happy.

So, what are you waiting for? The best time to start your own daycare business and become the CEO is now.

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