Laundry business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business which involves the washing of all forms of clothing like trousers, shirts, Ankara and so on.

laundry business which is known as dry cleaning has started many years has also reduce the level of unemployment in our society,

Since many unemployed citizens can find something is also the business with a very low level of risk and which anyone can start with a very low budget.

Laundry business is very easy and you can start doing it with a sum of N10000 to N500000


Let’s start with the current laundry price list so as to determine how much you can make from laundry and even more if you are determined.

  • TIE N89
  • SHIRT N150
  • TROUSER N200
  • JEANS N300
  • NATIVE WEAR N300 and so on

So let’s say you wash at least 3 shirts per day, 3 trousers and 3 jeans, that is a total of N1350 per day, so multiply it times 31days(a month) making it N41850 and I know with a great effort, it can be more than that, start small and begin to grow up your business.

Coin laundry association’s brian Wallace said a store can make up to $30000 to $1million in a year.

Now without further Ado; Lets get you started with how to startup a laundry service in Nigeria here…


Find a suitable location:

Location is a vital step to consider when starting a laundry business because it will determine the level of your sales, a good location for this business is a busy road or residential area where people who are going to and fro can easily see you and patronize you.

It should be a place with little or no competitor, but abstaining from competitor shouldn’t be your aim, because with your excellent work and interaction with customer you will be able to win customers from them.

Also note that your location will determine how much you charge on your customers,so a good location is very important.

Register your business and get necessary documents:

Now this is where things do not just get rosy at all.

It is ideal to register your business and get all necessary documents so that you can avoid every form of harassment in order to run it legally, your business must be registered and also get necessary permit so that you can be able to avoid any form of interference from any association.

Get necessary equipment:

The next procedure is the buying of laundry equipment, a good and quality equipment is needed to run a good laundry business but it depends on the budget you are willing to operate. Here are some equipment needed to start laundry business

  • — washing machine: a good and quality machine will be needed but buy the one you can afford.
  • — laundry detergent/soap: go to the market and buy the detergent used by dry cleaners, don’t just buy anyone like that.
  • — washer basin: basin will be needed just in case you want to soak some clothes.
  • — ironing table and a good pressing iron: a good pressing iron with good customization, that can be able to do all features of ironing will be needed.
  • — starch: starch will be highly needed since many customers will want their clothes to be fitted on them.
  • — water source: a good and clean source of water is needed. Find a good spot where you can easily get water like borehole, well and you can even get a tanker to fill if you are not close to a source of water.
  • — generator: since electricity is not reliable in Nigeria so therefore a quality generator that will be able to carry your equipment is needed.

There are also many equipment that is needed but these are the most necessary equipment.
Render additional services

In order to increase your revenue and also build customer relationship, you can offer additional services like washing bedsheets curtains, pillow case and other household items in order make them ( customer) to patronize you the more.

Publicize your business

Advertising your business is also compulsory if you want to get more customers and boost your sales,there are many ways to advertise your business

1-The use of social media:this medium is very useful since almost 90 percent of the Nigerian population are on social posting your business on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and so on, people around the world will get to know what you are doing and the type of service you render.

You can also hire some social media workers to help advertise your business.

2-The placing of massive banner with your business name and the service you render outside your shops or around junctions where everyone coming to and fro can easily view it and also the use of bulletin with discounts, for example the first ten people who patronize will be given the opportunity for reduction of money.

3-you can also design a motorman with the logo of your business which can make it easy to do pickup and delivery, so when you are driving it, the masses will see through it and thereby lead to patronization.

4- your price is also a form of promotion.if you offer reasonable price to your customer’s,they will be the one to be telling their friends and relatives about your business.


Many people are bothered with the cost of starting a laundry business but I tell you it can be started with no money.

You can start moving from house to house to do the washing and get paid. But your main target should be the families who both parents are working.

They will be the one to provide all the equipment that will be used like water, detergent, basin and so on.
Then you start saving up some money to be able to open shop and buy those equipment that will make washing easier.

These house washing is very common in Lagos where people are so busy with their daily jobs, so they won’t have time to do household chores and during weekends they rest, that is when they have to employ a washer to help them and pay them handsomely.


  • Singlet: N100- N300
  • Tie: N80-N200
  • Pair of socks: N100-N400
  • Office suit(complete):N1200-N3000
  • Safari suit (complete):N1500-N4000
  • Jeans trousers:N300-N1000
  • Bed sheets(small):N300-N700
  • Bed sheets(big):N500-N2000
  • Children uniform(top, trousers and skirt):N500-N1500
  • Male traditional wear(plus agbada):N1000-N5500
  • Female traditional wear(depending on the material used):N700-N3000
  • Towel(small):N200-N500
  • Towel(big):N400-N1500

Please note that the listed above price list may varies in some areas. Some people are into home delivery which may have higher price and everything depends on the location of the business, for example, you can’t expect a laundry business located in an estate to have a low price so make sure you confirm the laundry price before deciding on it.


  • -Steamfast laundry and dry cleaning
  • -Skywhite drycleaner, laundry and cleaning services
  • -Garment care limited
  • -Washaman drycleaner
  • -Araoic laundry and dry cleaning services and many more.


  • Neatness laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Top clean dry cleaner
  • D-best laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Ojemath laundry
  • Ojemath integrated laundry and dry cleaning


  • Mr Sprite cleaning and laundry
  • Winway laundry services
  • B and L cleaners
  • Khata klean and dry cleaning service
  • Whyte cleaners


Nigeria economy is in doldrums, so the issue of white collar jobs are decreasing and many people are complaining of not having something doing, this is where the idea of starting a laundry business comes in.

To make laundry business easier, a huge capital will be required to buy equipment’s and if your budget isn’t much, you can start from home.
There are many reasons why you should start a laundry business but the main reason is to generate money.

source of income: you can start laundry business to fetch you money or cater for your needs and also cater for the needs of the family’s. i even heard the story of a man who testify that he bought his first car in laundry business. All you need is great effort and perseverance and with some time, your efforts will pay off.


Like I said earlier, this business is a very profitable business if it is well funded. Another way to make it more profitable is to re-invest your profit back into your business, use your money to hire more workers so that there will be division of labor which will make the work not to be stressful and also buying of numerous equipment and even expand your business by opening more branch everywhere.

By doing this, more customers will patronize which will lead to increasing of revenue.

Laundry business is very lucrative business in Nigeria, just make sure you are not tired of it because there will be some times of trials but with perseverance and passion you will scale It through.

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