Aella Credit: Do you have a pressing need that N90,000 can solve?
With Aella Credit, you can access up to N90,000 loan as a self-employed or as an employee as well as a company if your company is registered under Aella Credit.

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Note that if your company is registered with Aella credit, you stand a better chance of getting a higher amount up to N720,000.
Before we proceed with this article lets, first of all, explain what the loan is all about and how you can access a loan.

What is Aella Credit loan?

Aella Credit is a money lending company that focuses more on offering loans not only to Nigerian but some other countries like Ghana.
Furthermore, they offers a short term loan which is normally less than 60 days which is 2 months.
One good thing about the loan provider is that they offer to loan to people who are not registered into their network by their company and they normally call them out-network.
Note that the out-network client can only access N90,000 and nothing more, unlike that in-network client who is eligible to access up to N720,000.

How does Aella Credit work?

They have two sets of people that are eligible to access their loan services, and those two categories of people are listed below;
1.The Out-Network Customers
The out-network customers are those whose company is not registered with them i.e. if your company is not registered with Aella credit, you are an out network customer.
Furthermore, you can also consider your self an out-network customer if this is our first time applying for the loan.
At your first time, you have to start by borrowing a repaying back on time and with so doing you stand the chance of becoming an in-network customer.
For example, for your first time, you got a loan three times within a period of three months and paid back without any defaulting, you are getting closer to becoming an in-network customer.
2.In-Network Customers.
The in-network customers are considered as customers who have a previous record of loan from Aella credit.
Their organizations are most likely to be registered with themand they must have borrowed from them before and paid back.
For the In-Network Customers, they offers up to N720,000 with a good interest rate and repayment plan (Loan term loan) unlike on the Out-Network Customers.
There is also another loan opportunity designed for the In-Network Customers called micro-merchant loans who want to start up a small business for themselves.
Advantages of Aella Credit
What are the advantages of Aella Credit?
Here at Payglobal, we have been writing reviews on loans and how to access loan from virtually all the loan apps and lending company in Nigeria and outside Nigeria and as a result of that we can boldly tell you that they are some advantages of getting a loan from this particular loan provider, and those advantages are listed below;

  • One of the main advantages of getting a loan from them is that they do not charge late payment fees unlike some other loan providers like Fairmoney and many others. If by any chance you happen to miss your repayment date, the loan provider will not charge you for not paying on the agreed date.
  • They have a very good interest rate for their customers especially the In-Network Customer.
  • The loan application is easy, quick and convenient.
  • They offer loans to Nigerians and outside Nigeria without collateral.

Aella Credit Loan requirements

Listed below are the cure requirements for getting a loan from Aellacredit

  • BVN (Bank Verification Number) without this, you cannot access an Aella credit.
  • Valid bank details where your loan will be disbursed when approved.
  • A mobile phone to download and install the Aella credit application.
  • An employer registration (Strictly for the in-network customers)
  • Most importantly an N30 loan processing fee.

If you have met with all the listed requirements, you are 100% ready to apply for the Aella credit loan review and you stand a greater chance of getting approved.

How to apply for Aella Credit Loan

We understand that you may be asking yourself how can I apply for a loan on Aella credit, application for the Aella credit is quite pretty and easy once you have met with the above loan application requirements. Listed below is exactly how you can access a loan.

  • First thing first, download and install the Aella credit app on your mobile device.
  • Enter your email, phone number, and name.
  • Enter your bank details.
  • Enter your BVN (Bank Verification Number).
  • Provide information about your next of kin.
  • Most importantly, pay the N30 loan processing fee.
  • Lets assuming you provide correct and accurate information, they will automatically approve your loan application within minutes.

Before starting your loan application, remember to get your company to register with them and if your company is being registered with loan provider, you stand a better chance of getting a higher amount, low-interest rate and a good repayment plan.

Aella Credit Loan interest rate

Note that the Aella credit interest rate differs from person to person i.e. what Mr. A pay will be totally different from what Mr. B will pay.
Let’s take, for instance, If you are out of network customer, your interest rate will probably fall within the range of 4% to 29%.
And for the in-network customer, their interest rate will be much better than the one of the out-network customers.

Aella Credit Loan Repayment

Before we go down on the repayment plan, have it at the back of your mind that you must pay back your loan with 60 days (2 months).
They are many ways by which you can make a repayment of your loan and below are the few ways you can do that;

  1. Direct debit payment.
  2. POS payment.
  3. You can also pay through the Quickteller by downloading the Quickteller app.

Here at Payglobal, we have always made it clear that it’s important to make your repayment on time and for you to achieve this you must have plans on how to repay your loan even before applying for the loan.
This is because; failure to payback on the agreed date can cause some kind of embarrassment.
Once you fail to pay back your loan on the agreed date, the loan provider will report you to the credit bureau.

Aellacredit app

Getting along on Aella Credit is pretty easy, all you need to do is to visit your google play store and search for Aellacredit then click on download or install and after a successful installation, fill in the required details and patiently wait for your loan to be approved.
You can also download the app just by clicking HERE

Aella Credit contact number

If you happen to experience any technical issue while applying for a loan on Aella credit you can reach the Aella credit customer care/service through; 07080625000 or email at [email protected]

Wrap Up

Getting a loan on the platform is a very good opportunity, it’s just the more you borrow and pay back as at hen due to the lower interest rate you get.
If you have any question regarding this article, you can contact us through the contact page on this website we are always open to attend to your questions.

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