Clout Bucks; tip on how to make $500 daily and above on Clout Bucks just by referring people.

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Before we proceed lets quickly explain what Clout Bucks is all about and how you can make $500 and above daily.

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What Clout Bucks is all about

What is CloutBucks?
Clout Bucks is a social media earning networking system in Australia that has been in existence for over 10 years with over 185k members and has been changing lives with its wonderful affiliate system.
According to our Clout Bucks review, it is the number one social earning network that pays you for every single person you referred through your unique referral link.
Sometime in the past when Clout Bucks started newly, they use to pay $0.10 to there members for every single person they referred to join the network. But as time goes on with the wonderful turnover of there members, they decided to increase there affiliate commission and we are sure that the increase in the affiliate commission is the main secret to their immense growth over the years.
Some people said that the social media earning networking system is a scam while some say it’s legit, we have not concluded on any now but will surely do as you proceed with the article.
The social media earning system has so many tremendous features which made them be the best among others just like we saw on there customers review and testimonies online.

The Clout Bucks features are;

  • Fast support.
  • Quick and reliable payout system.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) friendly or user-friendly.
  • Clean dash, this means that the user dashboard can be easily understood and handle.
  • Global translation, this means that the Clout Bucks has been translated into different languages for easy understanding by users.

According to reports carried out, the social media networking system has paid over 39.5 million dollars to its members over the past ten years with over 185k members and 63k active social media followers.

How Clout Bucks works

When you register directly or being referred by a user on the social media earning networking system, Clout Bucks pays you an instant $25 dollars welcome bonus which will be deposited directed into your client dashboard.
The next thing is for you to start referring your friends, this can be done through social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter.
Note that you must share your unique referral link on any of the social media platforms listed above for you to earn the $10 dollar affiliate commission.
NOTE: The system will only pay you the $10 dollar affiliate commission only when the users you referred to click and register on the platform through your referral link.

How to register on Clout Bucks

Registering on the system is easy and simple, the registration process is listed below;

  • Firstly, visit the Clout Bucks website.
  • Secondly, fill in the required field “Full name, username, Email address, password then reconfirm the password you entered”.
  • Accept the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and fraud policy.
  • Finally, click on “Sign Up”.

If you already have an action go to “log in” put your username and password

How to recover password on Clout Bucks

We understand that sometimes you may end up forgetting your password and wants to recover it, don’t worry we got you covered here.
The only thing you have to is to log in to the website site then navigate to user login then at the footer side you will see I forgot my password, click on it then you will be asked you put in your email, Note that the password required is the same password you used in registering on the platform.

How to contact CloutBucks

If you in any way encounter any technical problem while registering on the platform or you are having issues with withdrawal, you can contact them by visiting there head off at number 330 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia 300 or you can as well reach them through her social media pages; on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram

Clout Bucks payment method

The system has provided so many payment methods to serve its users well, at Clout Bucks you can cash out your earning through PayPal, CashApp, Western Union, Bank transfer and mailed checks.

Is Clout Buck scam or legit

With the testimonies and reviews we read online on how people claim to have gotten their financial independence through the help of Clout Bucks social earning network, we can say that it’s legit and it’s worth investing your time in but on the other hand we can say that it looks like a scam because you can’t just earn without investing anything but in other to satisfy your doubting mind you can give it a try maybe it will work for you.

Wrap Up

We ain’t encouraging you to join or invest your time on the system but that doesn’t mean it’s not working but we are just trying to maintain our online reputation.

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