Palmpay is one of the best app in Nigeria that is used by over one million people to make transactions. This app was launched in 2019 by Greg Reeves who believe the app can be of great benefit to Nigerians.

Palmpay is an app that rewards for every transaction done on it which makes it catch the attention of the masses. it gives bonus, promo and many other benefits to the people

Palmpay has been licensed by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN),which makes the people have rest of mind because one of the highest organization has partnered with it.

This palmpay review will  answer all questions about the app. Is it legit or scam?



As the review palmpay continues, it is important to know the features

  1. Fast and reliable: palmpay is very fast and reliable as long as the network in you location is ok. the app is very quick in doing transaction and many other activities and also you get instant feedback on your transaction. palmpay is always updated which makes it more faster and reliable.
  2. Highly secured and regulated: palmpay is fully secured and regulated. All the data’s and information about the user on palmpay is fully protected and encrypted. So all the things that can cause fear in the minds of the people has been put into consideration and taken care of. On palmpay there is no cause for alarm.
  3. Earn as you spend: like I said earlier, every transaction done on the app attracts rewards. there are many rewards that palmpay gives for different transactions like coupons, bonus, palmpoints and gems. these rewards help reduce cost. The reward system of the app is just a mode of appreciation and to encourage current users and more new users to start using the app.


Let’s take a look at the rewards and benefits of palmpay as the review continue

are used to reduce the amount to reduce cost of spending. There are many forms of Coupon e.g betting coupon, airtime coupon, TV coupon and many other.


palmpoints can be gotten from recharge of airtime or funding. So whenever you purchase airtime through the app or put money into your palmpay wallet you will be reward with palmpoints. These point can only be use to buy cards on the app. 100 points is equivalent to 100 naira airtime.


Gems are gotten from daily check you do on the app. There is a streak that should be maintain for the whole week, so when these check is done everyday it brings about 300 gems and daily log in bring about 200 gems making it a total of 500 gems per day. At the end of each streak, palmpoints or coupon will be received, that is if the streak is maintained. 15,000 gems is also equivalent to 100 naira airtime.


  • Money transfer: palmpay app can be used to transfer money to other people as long the user have the app and it is used regularly. The money transferred can be withdrawn instantly into the bank account with immediate effect. To withdraw money from palmpay is very easy.
  • Deposit: This app can also be use to deposit money into bank account or vice versa. As a user of this app, i use to save up my money in the app without any fear and my deposit into the app also attract bonus.
  • Airtime: Palmpay can be use to purchase airtime for personal use and for others. This is where the coupon are very useful to the users, the coupon will be use to reduce the price of airtime purchased. gems and palmpoints gotten can also be used to purchase airtime.
  • Friend referral: This is also one of the activities that fetch good sum of money on the app. friend referral is very easy on palmpay, all you need to do is to copy your invitation code and link and send to your friends. A friend invitation and sign up point is equivalent to 300 naira.


Palmpay does some special promotion for it’s users in every festive period. There is a special promotion ongoing now, the promo is called 50 MILLION PRICE POOL which involves the collection of five badges.
The first 1000 users to collect the five badges will be given 234 naira and the remaining users will have to share in the 50 million.the least money that will be received is 579 naira.

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The palmpay app can be funded in many ways;

  • Fund from bank card account
    Fund palmpay wallet with a nearby agent
  • Fund via interbank transfer
  • Fund via request money
  • Fund via USSD
    Noteworthy To make funding and transfer of money to your bank account more easier, it is advisable to link your bank account details to the app since all your information is secured and also licensed by the CBN.


Referring on palmpay is the best way to make money. when you refer, you get #300 per person. Referring is very easy on palmpay,you just have to copy your referral link and send to that person then the person will register and it is done. Then you will be credited with #300 for your referral and the referral will be credited #100 and papmpoints.


To register a palmpay account is very easy with with simple processes. To sign up or create an account on palmpay the following steps are required:

  • Step1: download palmpay app, you need to download palmpay app on Google play or IOS app store.
  • Step2: Launch the app
  • Step3: Press log in/sign in on the top of your screen
  • Step4: Then enter your mobile phone number and the invitation code sent from your referral.
  • Step5: Press “Agree and Next”
  • Step6: Then an OTP will send as message to the number you use to register.
  • Step7: You will have to set a 4 digit PIN which will be use for all transactions done on the app.


Yes, Palmpay is totally free for everyone to join. installation and registration on the app is totally free. Money transfer on it is equally from one palmpay account wallet to another and it cost only 10 Naira to transfer money to any bank account.


Palmpay has been licensed by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN),which makes the people have rest of mind because one of the highest organization has partnered with it.


Palmpay was created and launched by GREGORY REEVES who was born on April 7,1955. He believed the app can survive anywhere. He is an American bass guitarist.


Palmpay is legit not a scam, the app establishment is legally known to the government of Nigeria because, it’s licensed by the CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (CBN). Palmpay has no bad record or any scam claim by anybody or organization.


If your looking for an app to make you purchase of airtime and other online money transaction activities easy, then palmpay app is for you

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