How to Start Cooking Gas Business in Nigeria

Cooking is very essential to everyone living in this world and therefore the means of cooking are enhanced to make preparation easier. Preparation of food through the olden means are already going into extinction due to the fact that they are stressful and it causes environmental hazard which is why the use of gas is invented to replace them.

The use of gas in preparation of food is incomparable to the crude ways;it is more easier, cheap and easy to acquire and also easy to setup. The demand for gas is increasing daily and with the increased demand it is ideal to setup a gas retail business. Youth entrepreneurship is also required to survive in this economy which is why the setting up of a gas retail business can be put into consideration to be able to cater for the needs and wants.
Many people enjoy using gas which is refillable which is why I have enlisted in this article everything you need to know about Gas and possible ways to make money from it.


Gas business is very lucrative and profitable if it is well planned.Let us use a 50kg gas cylinder as an illustration.
A 50kg gas cylinder can be bought at the rate of #15000 from a gas plant which when sold at a retail price could be #400 per kg.So when the 50kg full cylinder has been sold out making it #20000,then the gain is #5000.

Many retailers are able to sell out this same 50kg in one day while some will takes two to three days depending on the location and level of operation.Now,at a profit of #5000 in three days,let’s calculate how much the retailer can make in a month.Three days from a month is ten times,so 10 multiply by #5000 is equivalent to #50000 per month.
With this case of study,you can now see that has business is very lucrative to start and in some cases,the profit is more than that, everything depends on the location and level of patronage.


There are many things to be put into consideration before setting up a gas business so as to avoid future problem thereby leading to losses.Many people who started sometime ago are no more in the field due to the fact that they ignore some decision that could have helped them
Now,am going to highlight some steps to be taken if you want to last long in this field.

> APPRENTICESHIP:It is very important to learn some vital tools that will make your business flourish and last long.Many people just venture into any business without having the residual knowledge about it and thereby leading to failure.Using at Least a month to do all basic research about the business is good because some business has its secret.
Some of the vital thing to learn are;
1>Different gas cylinder and kg
2>Where to buy
3>How to refill gas cylinder
4>Risk involved in the business and many more.

>CAPITAL: Capital is very important because without it,a business can’t be establish.So any one who is willing to start a business outfit must have sufficient capital.Below are the estimate for a person who wanted to start a gas business
1-One gas cylinder cost #40,000 to #48,500,so therefore two cylinder will cost about #80,000 to #97,000
2-Cost of filling the two gas cylinder #25,000
3-Scale: there are two types of scale; manual and electrical.manual scale cost #12,000 while electrical scale cost #29,000
Electrical scale must be used with generator,so as a starter you can choose between alternative.
4-3 yard gas hose which cost #4,000
5-Cost of renting a container or shop per year #30,000
By summarizing everything,the cost of starting a gas business should #150,000 to #185,000
The amount of capital varies but at least a sum of #150,000is required.

>LOCATION: Another step to be taken into consideration is the siting of your business.A good location is to find a residential area where people move to and fro and can be able to view your business.
Note that the location of your business will determine the level of patronage and no business can survive without the continues patronage from it’s customers.
Also it must be a place that is free from disturbance (robbery, fighting and many other bad activity are carried out),it must be free from hoodlums.Your location must not also be closer to other competitor but running from them shouldn’t be your primary aim and it must not be far away from customer,it must also be a place that is motorable because it will determine the level of sales.

>GET YOUR BUSINESS REGISTERED:The registration of your business is also important so that it must be recognize and has the legal backing by the is ideal to get your business registered with some association or with CAC(cooperate affairs commission) so that harrasment from government officials will be avoided.
There are some benefits that are attached to being registered;you gets=
1>Certificate of incorporation
2>Legal liability backing
3>Access to international trade
4>Good reputation with customer
4>Getting on federal government record
5>Continuity and many other benefits.

>ADVERTISEMENT: publicizing of business is essential to all business since it makes the people around the country to know the kind of business you are into.There are many medium that can be used to advertise your business like the use of social media(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc).Also the use Radio, television,posters is not excluded.
Placing of a massive banner across the roads and streets is also beneficiary to the growth of the business.
you can also design a motorvan with the name of your business which can make it easy to do pickup and delivery,so when you are driving it, the masses will see through it and thereby lead to patronization.
Another form of promotion is the granting of discount.By granting discount,it makes the customer more attracted to you and they keeps telling others about your good deeds

All business has one or two risks so therefore I will be highlighting some risk involved in gas business
>Price fluntuation:As we all know that the economy of the country is not stable so therefore the price of product is not also stable.sometimes there is rise in price and reduction of price.
As a gas retailer,you must be prepared to face any challenges that comes especially in the issue of price.
>Fire outbreak:This is very dangerous to the environment especially to the lives and property of the people around us.When gas is released into the air, it becomes attractive to fire thereby leading to for outbreak

Insurance: insuring your business is very essential depending on the level of operation.As a human being,we can’t forsee the future occurrence so by insuring your business you will be able to restructure your it after an incident has happened.
Also the presence of fire extinguisher is needed in any gas retailer shops to be able to fight against little fire outbreak before escalating into a huge one.
No smoking around a gas station should be written where everyone can be able to view it.

Gas business is very easy to start as long as there is sufficient capital and many necessary decision are taken into consideration.Also makes sure you are free and jovial with your customers and make sure the ultimate satisfaction of your customers is taken into consideration.



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