Events planning business in Nigeria

Events planning business in Nigeria
Are you thinking of making extra money? Does event planning seem to be a desirable option? In this post, we will be taking a look detailed look at some important information you will likely need to start your “Events planning business in Nigeria”. Let get right on.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people lost their businesses and jobs and so, this post will act as a guide to those who are looking forward to starting something new after the pandemic. The rate of unemployment in the country is skyrocketing by the day. According to, the Jobless rate of the population increased to 33.3% in the fourth quarter of 2021.

If you have been on the internet searching for tips on how to start an event planning business in Nigeria then this post will come in handy to you. You can bookmark this post to revisit it through your event planning business process. Without any further ado, let get on with the details of “How to start events planning business in Nigeria”.

The event planning business is certainly one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria, due to the large number of events being carried out week in week out.
Individuals and institutions will always seek the services of an event planner to take care of the preparations of the event. Both and big businesses will always seek after event planners because they probably won’t have enough time to organize the event themselves.

People believe event planners are like the mediator to them having a great event. More like the success of their event lies solely in the hands of these event planners. And there’s so much money to be made as an event planner in Nigeria. But for you to be a more successful event planner, you will likely need some level of education along with a good networking system.

Creative thinking is also an essential quality, you’d want to make sure you incorporate it as well. And so, the core duties of an event planner would include, planning, organizing, overseeing the general needs of an event. Most event planners would likely be requested to seek suitable accommodation for guests of such events. This occasion includes weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, thanksgiving parties, introduction, and all other sorts of events that would require the coming together of quite a large number of people as a quest to such an event.

As an event planner, one major challenge that you’d tend to face is how to make the party a successful one. And this is where passion comes in. You need to have a passion to be a successful event planner.

No events are not certainly going to go as smoothly as you’d want. Hence, your passion for the job would act as a guiding light through your journey to becoming one of the most successful event planners in the country. You will therefore need to make sure you remain at your best. Now let get on with the guide of how to start an event planning business in Nigeria.

How to start Events planning business in Nigeria

If you are presently not in possession of a huge amount of capital for starting your event planning business then you’d have to seek financial assistance from your friends, family financial banks, business investors. When you get creative in your approach, definitely someone out there would be willing to help you out with the funds needed to start your event planning business in Nigeria. Having a business plan that shows the profitability of your business will also go a long way in getting the needed funds to start your business.

You could get a professional certification based on your event planning specialization, this way you’d be increasing your potential as a certified event planner. People would be more willing to hire you cause there’s proof of your professionalism.

And so your event planning certificate is a typical award for your performance, experience, and service criteria as well as passing the exams given while on training to be a professional event planner.
Most clients seek this certification before hiring an event planner because it assures them that they are dealing with professionals who have been well trained in the field.
As an event planner, you’d be dealing with the following fields.
√ Videography
√ Photographer
√ Reception venue
√ Decorating the venue
√ Cake where necessary
√ Entertainment
√ For weddings: bride and groom clothing
√ Bridal showers,  bachelor party
√ Transport
√ Catering
√ Guest accommodation
As an event planner, you need to know your market competitors around your location. Then Create a good customer relationship with every client you work for as they could link you to other people looking for an event planner for their business.
Now without anything to add, let take a look at the steps one needs to take to start an event planning business in Nigeria.

1. Acquire Training

The first step is to acquire training as this will guide you on how to organize different occasions on a more professional level.
Formal education is very important here as good communication skills are highly needed for you to succeed in this career path. Some schools specialize in event planning in Nigeria. Attend any of them to acquire the basics of successful event planning. And while you are there, you need to start connecting with the right people.

This will help you create a name for yourself immediately after you get done with the training. Plus the training is essential for you to be known as a professional. As mentioned earlier, most clients would only deal with you cause of your certification. So get the training first.

2. Get a mentor

One can also acquire the basic knowledge of how to become a successful event planner if he/she gets close to someone they look up to in the event planning industry.
Being close to the mentor involves you assisting them in organizing and executing events which they are handling. When you have participated in planning events many times, you will be familiar with what it takes to organize different events.

That is, you get to see all it takes to organize a successful event from this mentor. In no time, certainly, you’d get used to how the business works and you’d become a professional in no time. Working under a mentor should be only for learning purposes but connections also. You can start connecting with people from the various events that will be organized by your mentor. That way you’d start building your brand.

3. Start with small events

Test your abilities by planning smaller events without being paid. You could organize events like birthday parties, welcome parties, and farewell parties all for free.

The experiences gathered in the process will guide you on how to organize bigger events. That is, the smaller events you handle, the more experienced you’d become. And subsequently, you get to meet more people. Once you’ve grown to a particular level and have made the right connections, then you can start charging people to organize their events for them. No tree grew so big without starting small.

The same applies to every career path on earth. The same goes for the event planning business. For you to achieve success and be where you want to be, you’d have to start from small and grow to the top. That’s how it works. So start small today and grow your event planning business.

4. Get a business plan

Ensure you have copies of your business plan along with pictures of organized events as this will help you in further planning of similar events.
A lot of people in Nigeria don’t understand the importance of having a business plan. A lot of businesses have failed woefully cause they lacked a template to follow.

A business plan helps act as a map to where you want your business to be. And so what happens is, the business plan helps keep you on the right track.

If you can’t craft one for yourself, you can simply hire a professional to help you craft a business plan for your event planning business. This is a simple but very important step most people do ignore when starting their business. It won’t cost you much to get a business plan today for the success of your event planning business.

5. Always get people opinion

After you have planned and executed an event, you should stick around to get people’s opinions on the event. If their response is positive, keep it up but if it is negative, try to ascertain the areas that were not so good.
This way you become open to growth. Although it is not advisable you get to hear from almost every person. So what you can do is to select few trusted people and ask for their candid opinion on the event. Listen and not down all they have to say.

Both negative and positive, write them down and try as much as you can to work on them. Remember to always thoroughly assess every opinion. Not all be true but certainly, there will some genuine ones which you have to work on. The bottom line is to find someone you trust very well.

6. Carve out your Niche

Since you are not the only one in the business, you need to find out what part of event planning are you mostly great at and simply carve a niche for yourself.

This no doubt will give you an edge over competitors in the same industry. Having your niche from a big industry is one of the best ways to make a name for yourself. What this does is, you will be known for that particular niche as so your services will be mostly required for such an event.

For instance, if you decide to go with the Wedding niche, what happens is, your services will be required quite more often for a big wedding in town. And this is only possible cause you’ve built a big name for yourself in the wedding niche. Carving your niche gives you the right credibility needed to be a big name in the event planning industry.

7. Register your Event planning business

People in society including the government and its agencies like entrusting contracts in the hands of registered corporate businesses. Register your event planning business and pay the relevant taxes as it will pave way for you to make more money in the business.

No one loves going into business with an unregistered business. And so, while you might get contracts for smaller events easily, it will likely become pretty hard for you to get contracts from big entities.

Therefore, apart from just being obedient to the law, when you register your business, you are making it legally recognized in the law court as an entity that can sue and be sued. Being registered also gives you a lot of credibility needed as a business to survive and thrive in a niche that is already populated.

8. Market your Event Planning Business

At this point, if you have followed the above steps thoroughly, next you need to start marketing your event planning business. If you belong to meetings and organizations, seize the opportunity to advertise your

planning business to them.
Today internet offers you a great opportunity to market your events business than ever before. Advertisement is a very important feature of business that one can not certainly deal with.

A lot of businesses that have failed to market their businesses by advertising have simply gone out of business. And so, from the very early stage, you need to start marketing your business.

This way you can be assured of getting regular clients without having to run out of business. Another advantage of marketing is that it simply keeps you ahead of your competitors in the event planning industry. Marketing should therefore be done in the right way.

9. Become an authority in your industry

The best way to become an authority in your industry is to simply specialise in a particular area such as wedding, traditional marriage and many related others as people would most likely patronise one who specialises in a particular area than those who claim to be general planners.

What this does is that you will be known as a big figure in that niche and you’d therefore be more like a forerunner in that niche.

Becoming an authority in your niche certainly do goes beyond just carving a niche for yourself. You can also carry out other advance marketing strategies such as creating a website for your business, using social media in building your brand and a whole lot more other marketing strategy.

You can simply create a website for business by using WordPress or you can employ a web developer to help you create a professional looking websitesfor your business. Same applies to social media platforms. You can employ someone to create and manage your businesses social media pages.

10. Always incorporate recent trends

You need to be among the first to introduce a trend than struggling with competitors over a trend introduced by some other person.

These trends should be incorporated in every event you get to host. For instance the committee of friends in event planning, the trend is gradually changing due to new innovations by some big event planners.

Most people tends to take trends for granted and believe that they are only a fad. While it is true that these trends may be a fad, but certainly they are quite very important and should be followed through.

Trends are meant to be incorporated into making your event planning business a successful one. Most trends might be right while others might just be wrong.

Therefore it is important that you carefully go through every trend and make sure you adopt the right ones that will be of benefit to your business. You just have to look around and see what trend is going on, adopt it and practice it rightly with your business.

Event planning business is certainly one of the most lucrative business one can venture in today. It is important you know that this is not a get rich quick money-making scheme.
You’d have to work your way along to success in this type of business. Event planning business involves lot of building. That is one, has to build from the scratch to the top in this type of business.
There’s really no overnight success, everything has to be built. Success is guaranteed if only you follow all the above steps judiciously. In addition to the above listed steps, you can also go on personal research of how event planning works.
Certainly you will be needing all the help you can get. Don’t forget the power of networking and communicating with the right set of individuals. Read through the steps and follow through, definitely you’d succeed in this business venture.
Event Planning business is one of the best way to earn extra income for yourself. Start today and see you business succeed with these tips.

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